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Personalised portraits of families, pets and pals

I create custom portraits, get in touch to commission your own!

The process is really simple:

Get in touch

Email me at, telling me who you want to include and if you have a specific deadline in mind.  I will then confirm the commission.

Send me the details

I’ll ask you for as much information as possible about the people and/or pets. It’s really useful for me to have multiple pictures of each person and to know their most recognisable outfit, how they wear their hair, their favourite socks, hats, earrings and any iconic tattoos…  everyone has a favourite pair of shoes – tell me what they are!

The more detail you can give me, the better I will be able to capture them in the portrait. If you want to go the extra mile you could even link me their social media and I can have a peek at their photos.

Along with the photos let me know who’s who and a little bit about each person or pet - a sentence will do it.


I will work on the portrait and in about 3 weeks, I’ll send a low-res digital proof for you to approve (you can make tweaks at this stage).


I will send you the final portrait as a digital file – the print(s) will follow in about a week.

I arrange high quality, professional prints for you, giclée printed on 240 gsm Matte paper, with a smooth finish and outstanding colour reproduction.


£10 per additional A4 print 


£15 per additional A3 print 



​For a bespoke portrait delivered as a JPEG and an A4 print sent to you

Pet portrait - £50 (up to 3 pets)


Small - £160 (up to 3 people and 2 pets)

Medium – £260 (up to 5 people and 3 pets)


Large – £360 (up to 10 people and 4 pets)

Get in touch to discuss details or requests over 10 characters


Each commission comes with a digital copy and 1 A4 print

A3 print extra £15


An additional £15 to post to Europe

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